Out of Order Watches understands what people love more than most companies do.

Out of Order Watches was born on the day that co-founder Riccardo Torrisi found himself with a broken, high-end watch and not enough money to fix it. Inspired by the classic appeal of pieces like a well-worn pair of jeans or a broken-in leather jacket, he wondered why high-end timepieces couldn’t share the same, lived-in appeal.

Riccardo Torrisi joined with Claudio Dalla Mora and Dario Ceolotto, and working side-by-side, the trio created a unique brand that blends the sophisticated form of high-end timepieces with the signature, “Damaged in Italy” finish that adds even more character to the design.

Fonuders - OUT OF ORDER WATCHES - Made in Italy

Out of Order Watches competes in the high-end market by offering a unique take on vintage timepieces with the passionate precision of skilled craftsman and experienced watchmakers. You’ll never find two pieces from Out of Order Watches that look alike, and you’ll never find another brand that you love quite as much.
Don’t be afraid to wear your Out of Order Watch wherever you go – they love being part of the action.