Born in 2013

Out of Order Watches was founded in February 2013, the day co-founder Riccardo Torrisi found himself needing to repair a high-end watch but, in all honesty, lacked the funds to do so. Inspired by the timeless appeal of items like a pair of faded jeans or a leather jacket enriched by the passage of decades, he wondered why watches couldn't share the same philosophy.

Riccardo Torrisi then joined forces with two industry experts, Claudio Dalla Mora and Dario Ceolotto, and working side by side, the trio created a unique brand that combines the sophisticated craftsmanship of high-end watches with the distinctive "Damaged in Italy" finish – patented by them, adding even more character to the final product.

Out of Order Watches competes in the high-end market by offering a unique vision of vintage watches with the passionate precision of skilled craftsmen and expert watchmakers. You will never find two identical pieces of Out of Order watches. Each one, thanks to artisanal craftsmanship, is indeed a one-of-a-kind piece.

So, don't hesitate to wear your Out of Order watch wherever you go – we love being part of the action.

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Feb - May 2013 – The conception and the commencement of endless experiments on aging the 316L steel of watch cases, using iconic diver models as a foundation and manually distressing them. Dario, the specialized technician; Claudio, the one who balances the books; Riccardo, the daring one.

The trio, thus formed, gives life to something entirely out of the ordinary, something never seen before. Out of Order - Damaged in Italy is born. And why "Out of Order"?

Because it is a contradiction, and because no one would ever have the courage to brand their products with a word that means the exact opposite of the purpose for which these products find a place in everyday reality. We affirm that they genuinely work, and quite well at that. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here telling you about it.

Fun Fact – The space dedicated to this operation was the steps of a garage.

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First Prototype

May 2013 – Definition of the First Prototype: a hand-aged 44 mm stainless steel case, irregularly brushed rotating bezel, mineral glass "tropicalized" from the inside, dial with applied indices also aged manually. Quartz Miyota 2115 movement. Simple, reliable. Starting from simplicity is synonymous with independence, according to Out of Order. The primary objective, namely to create a watch that appeared weathered by time and at the same time unique not only in its kind but unique in fact due to the artisanal craftsmanship with which each individual piece was crafted, had been achieved.

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Pitti Uomo Florence 2013

Jun 2013 – The first official presentation of the "Out of Order" line, initially composed of one reference with two dial colors and eight strap colors.

Word quickly spreads that among the new offerings, there are Venetians who have come up with the idea of offering a line of intentionally aged and weathered watches. The notion of the watch to be kept always perfect and untouched is overthrown. From now on, we will forever be "the crazy ones" who have applied this craftsmanship, which paradoxically becomes innovation in the world of timepieces. And then, they built a real company around it, distributing their brand worldwide.

From June to December, we begin distribution exclusively in Italy, through selected physical stores.

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Pitti Uomo and Internationalization

Jan - Jul 2014 – Launch of two new collections: Automatic & Chronograph. Always inspired by the iconic classics of the 60s-70s, but reinterpreted in a modern key and rigorously with the "damaged" effect, patented by us.

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Las Vegas

Aug 2014 – We introduce our brand to the American market by participating in the Liberty Show in Las Vegas, receiving appreciation and beginning to engage with what would become our reference market in the following years.

Anecdote & Preface 
– Normally, the journey from Las Vegas to Los Angeles takes 3 hours. Riccardo, at the end of the fair, decides to go to Los Angeles to visit the new retailers he had met there. He makes a mistake in taking the bus and arrives in Los Angeles only 12 hours later, after getting "lost" in the Mojave Desert. On the bus, he meets the person who would later become the official partner for the development of OOO in the USA, and still is to this day!


Dec 2014 – Unexpectedly, we win the award for "Best Design Product of the Year" in Japan, where a panel of fashion/design experts awards us the third place among the 100 historical and emerging brands, most influential in the Asian market.

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Dec 2014 – We obtain the Made in Italy Product Certification issued by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, in accordance with Article 24 of EC Regulation No. 2913/1992.

Pitti Uomo Florence 2015

Jan 2015 – Out of Order presents itself at Pitti Uomo in Florence this year with a completely renewed look in terms of space and appearance. It transforms an exhibition space into a true lounge from the 1920s, using period furniture and tools to convey the message that is among the mantras of its philosophy. Out of Order doesn't just want to mark time. Out of Order wants its products to tell a story. Various entertainment personalities curiously pass by for a greeting. The most amusing, undoubtedly, is Jimmy Ghione from Striscia.

For the occasion, the Venetian Company, in order to emphasize its territoriality and origin, creates a line of Prosecco D.O.C.G. in which, in addition to quality, special attention is given to aesthetics. Thus, the world's first artificially aged bottle is born.

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Feb 2015 – Out of Order launches the capsule collection created with Luisa Via Roma – Florence, a reference point for global fashion and design since 1920. In doing so, it creates a connection never seen before in Italian territory, definitively bringing together two worlds that will go hand in hand in the following years.

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Asian market

Following this success, Out of Order begins to establish itself in the Asian market, collaborating with department stores and prestigious brands in this magical continent. The brand launches capsule collections and limited editions that become extremely popular, selling out rapidly. Today, these items can be found on well-known reselling marketplaces, often offered at least four times the original retail price at which they were initially purchased.

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Baselworld 2015

Mar 2015 – We present ourselves in Basel, Switzerland, at Baselworld, the world's premier watch and jewelry fair, with a one-square-meter booth. We introduce our Torpedine collection, which deviates from the aesthetic norms of previous divers while maintaining the "vintage" spirit of Out of Order. This evolution is well-received by our existing partners and attracts new ones, enabling the brand's expansion into new markets such as South Korea, Indonesia, and South America. At the time, a journalist's comment summed it up: "I really enjoyed seeing you at Baselworld, you put more innovation and style in a square meter than many of the big watch companies in giant stands."

Needless to say, these were the things that confirmed we were on the right path.

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BEGIN Magazine

Sep 2015 – OOO embarks on a journey to Tokyo to meet with Japanese partners and journalists. Amidst visits to Izakayas, obligatory stops at Shibuya Crossing, and a couple of Sake sessions, a collaboration with BEGIN Magazine is born. The year concludes with Out of Order securing the top spot in the BEGIN BEST 100. The lights and colors that fill our eyes during this Tokyo experience become the main inspiration for one of the most iconic collections of our brand in the following years.

Radio 105

Sep 2015 – Riccardo Torrisi, co-founder of Out of Order, is invited to the historic headquarters of Radio 105 (one of the top three Italian radios in terms of listenership) to share the story of how Out of Order was founded and discuss future projects. Alvin and DJ Giuseppe officially become AmbassadOOOrs.

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Best of Golf

Oct 2015 – Out of Order is the main sponsor of the Best of Golf Jesolo tournament in Venice, Italy.

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Dec 2015 – From December 15th to December 21st, OUT OF ORDER® provides the opportunity to discover its collection of timepieces in an exclusive corner at La Rinascente in Milan, Italy's most renowned department store. La Rinascente offers the best of Italian and international fashion, and OOO – OUT OF ORDER® couldn't have chosen a more fitting location to showcase its world. To celebrate this new venture, on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, OOO – OUT OF ORDER® hosts an opening event for the pop-up store, with clients, friends, and both Italian and international press in attendance.

Pitti Uomo Florence 2016

Jan 2016 – Out of Order unveils several innovations and new collections, such as the Croco Collection, which remains among the best sellers of the maison, at Pitti Uomo.

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MotorBikeExpo Verona

Jan 2016 – Out of Order makes its appearance at the MotorBikeExpo in Verona, venturing into the world of racing. More than just a fair, it was a festive occasion, but isn't that how team building is done, right?

Indonesia & Singapore

Mar 2016 – Launch of the limited edition exclusive to the Southeast Asian market, with only 200 pieces available. Out of Order introduces the first chronograph intentionally aged with a "full lume" dial, blending classic style with the latest technology. Sold out in 3 days.

image 63.jpg__PID:28d9a682-97b6-46b7-be3e-9ddfee046fd0
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Baselworld 2016

Mar 2016 – Out of Order continues its expansion and strengthens relationships with partners in North America and Northern Europe.

The Firefly 36mm collection is launched, catering to wrists with smaller diameters and taking inspiration from women's fashion. Presented in pastel colors, we are pioneers in this stylistic choice within the watchmaking industry. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, as per our tradition.


Aug 2016 – We travel to the United States for the launch of the collaboration with Iron Bridge Watches. Out of Order presents the first model with a bronze case equipped with an automatic movement, blue visible dial and case back, and a double strap.

This is followed by the conception of the "Ghost" collection, the first model in which Out of Order begins to collaborate with Switzerland's ETA, aiming to reach a more discerning audience in terms of product specifications. This move exponentially increases the brand's popularity in North America, marked by the fastest sell-out in its brief yet intense history, despite the higher-than-average retail price due to the components used.

Note –
A risky operation, arising from a lost bet, in a whiskey bar in Queens. In the photo, Riccardo losing the bet with Chad Tsagris.

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OOO in Dubai

Oct 2016 – Out of Order participates in the Italian Lifestyle Dubai Tradeshow to introduce the brand to the Middle East and Gulf countries. Following this journey, inspiration will be drawn for one of the models in the brand's most iconic collections. We will see it unfold in the subsequent years.

Innovation in Hong Kong

Dec 2016 – Out of Order is now also available in Hong Kong, where it enters into an exclusive distribution agreement with the most innovation and quality-conscious concept store chain there, Drivepro. This collaboration will lead it over the years to create exclusive collections for this particular market. To this end, it launched its first collection of pocket watches, which it called Calabrone, Pocket watch.

To create this timepiece, inspiration is drawn from the vintage watches of the 1950s when timepieces still carried the charm of manual winding.

image 80.jpg__PID:49dc3a90-26c9-4e4b-afbc-802217b10f43
image 81.jpg__PID:dc3a9026-c91e-4b6f-bc80-2217b10f43e7
image 82.jpg__PID:3a9026c9-1e4b-4fbc-8022-17b10f43e746

Baselworld 2017

Mar 2017 – In the process of consolidating our position and better accommodating our partners from all around the globe, we further expand.

In this edition, we present our Scorpione collection, featuring models with a 44mm diameter stainless steel case to which we apply vegetable-tanned leather military straps specially designed for comfort and ease of use. Special attention, as per our tradition, is given to the product's aesthetics. Here, you'll find colors at their maximum saturation, dials that appear "sunburnt," and, for the first time ever, we reintroduce this type of craftsmanship into the modern era—a method that many consider obsolete but nonetheless captivating.

Claudio Dalla Mora and Riccardo Torrisi grant an interview to Snap Italy, a reputable Italian magazine exclusively covering companies producing certified Made in Italy products.

Watch the interview
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image 85.jpg__PID:c05bb92a-dbb6-4ae3-aa8a-bb4b0f9fa5c7

Baselworld 2018

Mar 2018 – Three new collections are introduced.

image 86.jpg__PID:a3c6334e-3615-4c31-888b-f834a9e5336c

Torpedine Chrono

Evocative of the style of 1970s chronographs, characterized by the solid mesh band.

View collection
image 87.jpg__PID:65e2da9b-fc34-4a44-a3b6-ca85381e0a7e

Firefly 41mm

The version dedicated to the male audience of the homonymous 36mm collection. Travels in the United States and the NFL inspire the construction of the strap, reminiscent of the iconic American football. Out of Order also introduces the world to the 3D-printed dial.

View collection
image 88.jpg__PID:4f65e2da-9bfc-448a-84e3-b6ca85381e0a

Vegan Cronografo

The evolution of the Chronograph line presented in 2014, reimagined in an ultramodern approach in terms of color schemes. Out of Order is among the first brands globally to embrace the use of more sustainable materials, aligning with the company's ever-evolving philosophy. This collection is characterized by the use of vintage-look straps made from vegetable microfiber, specially designed to contribute to the goal of reducing emissions. The entire collection is officially "Vegan Certified."

View collection

Las Vegas & Los Angeles

Jun 2018 – A trip to Nevada and California, initially intended to participate in the JCK (Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada USA), a renowned event known for its careful selection of brands, transforms into an incredible journey that will give birth to the collections that Out of Order will launch at the end of 2019, but please be patient.

We'll get there shortly.

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image 94.jpg__PID:985cd3f2-bf57-4764-af64-ffd8ecc6861d

Limited Edition “Minuteman”

Jul 2018 – Out of Order launches a new Limited Edition called Minuteman (the heroes who played an essential role in American Independence), characterized by the colors of the American flag. 51 pieces available, each with a different U.S. state engraved on the lower lugs of the case. For the first time, after 4 years of the brand's presence in the United States, a real race begins to get one.

As of today, we know for certain that one of our devoted customers has managed to collect an impressive 32 of them!

View Minuteman (Sold Out)

Limited Edition “Dragone”

image 97.jpg__PID:b8f7906d-4a00-4d08-9d7a-50ea9e82b4d4
image 106.jpg__PID:a2c60c6e-2ba8-4fa2-92b8-f7906d4a000d
image 104.jpg__PID:0c6e2ba8-0fa2-42b8-b790-6d4a000d081d
image 99.jpg__PID:a2d2b8f7-906d-4a00-8d08-1d7a50ea9e82
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image 108.jpg__PID:9e60a2c6-0c6e-4ba8-8fa2-d2b8f7906d4a
image 102.jpg__PID:2ba80fa2-d2b8-4790-ad4a-000d081d7a50
image 100.jpg__PID:0fa2d2b8-f790-4d4a-800d-081d7a50ea9e
image 103.jpg__PID:6e2ba80f-a2d2-48f7-906d-4a000d081d7a
image 101.jpg__PID:a80fa2d2-b8f7-406d-8a00-0d081d7a50ea
image 105.jpg__PID:c60c6e2b-a80f-42d2-b8f7-906d4a000d08
image 107.jpg__PID:60a2c60c-6e2b-480f-a2d2-b8f7906d4a00
image 96.jpg__PID:519e60a2-c60c-4e2b-a80f-a2d2b8f7906d

Nov 2018 – Collaborating with partners for distribution in the Eastern market, Out of Order launches the limited series Dragone (50 pieces per color). It depicts the mythical creature half on the dial and half, fired printed, on the strap, tone-on-tone with the corresponding color. This edition is also characterized by the Miyota 8215 automatic movement, visible through the tonal see-through case back. The dial comes in 4 color variants, each with only the number 8 printed. Why 8? Because it's an auspicious number in the East, bringing good luck! Additionally, in the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, the eighth floor is often omitted, going directly from the 7th to the 9th in elevators to preserve its mysticism.

A 44mm case and a bronze buckle with the iconic dragon further distinguish this special model, deviating from what the brand has always offered. Over the years, Out of Order has made the "Damaged" effect its distinctive trademark.

Renovation of venues

2019 – To give uniformity to the presentation of its products, Out of Order renovates its meeting room to resemble how the spaces reserved for the brand will appear at authorized retailers worldwide. Simple, clear, genuine.

image 110.jpg__PID:2763a4b3-0ce7-4a31-bc4f-07f6bcbaf3ab
image 111.jpg__PID:63a4b30c-e73a-41bc-8f07-f6bcbaf3ab7b
image 113.jpg__PID:b30ce73a-31bc-4f07-b6bc-baf3ab7b5fc7
image 114.jpg__PID:0ce73a31-bc4f-47f6-bcba-f3ab7b5fc737
image 112.jpg__PID:a4b30ce7-3a31-4c4f-87f6-bcbaf3ab7b5f
image 109.jpg__PID:f22763a4-b30c-473a-b1bc-4f07f6bcbaf3
image 115.jpg__PID:d42221db-319d-423c-8091-6a04ea908f5f
image 116.jpg__PID:aae0ca51-1393-4772-b6eb-15aede399e95
image 117.jpg__PID:e1aae0ca-5113-43b7-b2f6-eb15aede399e
image 121.jpg__PID:77884fb3-e1aa-40ca-9113-93b772f6eb15
image 118.jpg__PID:b3e1aae0-ca51-4393-b772-f6eb15aede39
image 119.jpg__PID:4fb3e1aa-e0ca-4113-93b7-72f6eb15aede
image 120.jpg__PID:884fb3e1-aae0-4a51-9393-b772f6eb15ae

Jinan, Cina

Mar 2019 – A crucial journey for the opening of new distribution channels, especially online. Unexpectedly, Riccardo and Claudio discover the reason behind the passion for Out of Order in the Celestial Empire, China. The oldest spring water source in China, still revered as a deity, precisely represents the iconic three "O"s.

Two Limited Editions

Feb 2019 – Launch of two Limited Editions in celebration of Independence Day.

image 122.jpg__PID:8d3cb6d6-090d-4c7a-beee-cff6ce478452

Minuteman 2.0

13 pieces to celebrate the 13 colonies that first gained independence from the Motherland. Automatic movement, matte white monochrome dial, vegetable-tanned bovine leather strap. Each piece is distinguished by a serial number, which starting from this edition, we begin to engrave on the pre-satinized steel crown, and by the name of the former Colony of reference engraved between the lugs at 12 o'clock.

image 123.jpg__PID:b6d6090d-5c7a-4eee-8ff6-ce478452ae99


100 pieces, inspired by American symbolism, we have designed the head of an eagle on the frosted dial, the body of which is then captured by fire printing on the vegetable-tanned leather strap. A red bezel with vintage-style numbering for this edition and an automatic movement ensure that this stylistic exercise is also appreciated by the public and becomes part of the collection of 100 individuals within 12 hours of launch. Special feature: the eagle illuminates in blue under low light conditions.

View Eagle (Sold Out)
image 124.jpg__PID:213ebd2a-ca29-4651-988e-2644310a4eae
image 125.jpg__PID:14213ebd-2aca-4996-9118-8e2644310a4e

Ghost 2.0

Jul 2019 – Out of Order continues the "GHOST" series, launched in 2018, by introducing the world's first watch with a hand-aged "full lume" dial, equipped with a Swiss automatic movement ETA 2824-2. For the first time ever, the brand focuses on the artisanal aging of the internal components, leaving the external part untouched with its sandblasted steel appearance. The challenge that OOO presents to its customers this time is to "mistreat" their own watches, allowing them to acquire the worn look over time that has always characterized the brand.

View Ghost 2.0 (Sold Out)

E-commerce & Sunglasses

Aug 2019 – Out of Order inaugurates a new era for the company, launching the new website now equipped for e-commerce, thus offering the opportunity to purchase its products in the most remote corners of the planet. Immediate attention is directed towards the ordering process, which can be completed in just 4 clicks. The shipping service, capable of reaching any part of the world within a maximum of two working days, is also a focal point. Cutting-edge customer care and international warranty services are introduced, leading to the establishment of a new branch with dedicated resources exclusively for this distribution chain.

For the occasion, Out of Order introduces its own line of sunglasses, available in two collections: Flexible and Metallic.

View sunglasses

New Collections

Dec 2019 – Launch of new collections with new formulas aimed at expanding the range, in line with technologies and stylistic choices developed over years of product evolution.











Maison et Object

Jan 2020 – For the first time, Out of Order officially enters the world of pure design by participating in the prestigious Maison et Object fair in Paris.

image 127.jpg__PID:7cd21ce3-dee4-409c-afa3-7735936593f6
image 133.jpg__PID:d21ce3de-e420-4caf-a377-35936593f6f7
image 131.jpg__PID:e3dee420-9caf-4377-b593-6593f6f7c117
image 130.jpg__PID:dee4209c-afa3-4735-9365-93f6f7c117f0
image 129.jpg__PID:e4209caf-a377-4593-a593-f6f7c117f0b0
image 128.jpg__PID:209cafa3-7735-4365-93f6-f7c117f0b0b0
image 132.jpg__PID:1ce3dee4-209c-4fa3-b735-936593f6f7c1

Feb 2020 – The world comes to a halt, but OOO perseveres and, in fact, enhances its e-commerce presence by investing in this additional service in terms of efficiency and collaborations.

Ghost 3.0

Jul 2020 – On the occasion of July 4th, the third and final variant of the successful Ghost series is launched, this time even more extreme. For the first time in the world, Out of Order manages to stabilize rust, making it an iconic part of the dial. The bezel, in this case, remains clean, while the crocodile print strap is "hardly distressed," giving a unique look to this series. It is produced in only 41 pieces, powered by an ETA 2824-2 movement, all sold out within just 24 hours, exclusively online.

View Ghost 3.0 (Sold Out)
image 134.jpg__PID:312b8db9-a838-4921-b2e7-3f02764a340e
image 135.jpg__PID:2b8db9a8-38e9-4132-a73f-02764a340ef6
image 136.jpg__PID:8db9a838-e921-42e7-bf02-764a340ef6eb

Out of Order 2.0

Jan 2021 – Following a year of the pandemic, with everything to rebuild, including distribution in physical retail outlets, divergences within the company are not lacking. In this regard, Claudio Dalla Mora, with over three decades of entrepreneurial experience, warmly invites Riccardo Torrisi (the unconscious and creative part of the brand) to develop new markets, using any means, of course, legal, at his disposal. Together, they develop a new project for commercial expansion, which, within six months, leads them to forge numerous new collaborations. They indeed make agreements that introduce the Out of Order world into Russia, Malaysia, the Baltic countries, and the Middle East.

In a business like Out of Order, where the variables that can shape its destiny are now infinite, the founders find harmony and inner strength that will lead them to embark on a new phase of this Dream, more planned and attentive to constant development.

image 137.jpg__PID:2288fe0d-4087-46f7-80cf-71745ef0cf58
image 138.jpg__PID:9f2288fe-0d40-4726-b740-cf71745ef0cf
image 139.jpg__PID:71efd3c3-8490-4baa-9a6d-88ce31f436f9
image 141.jpg__PID:307471ef-d3c3-4490-abaa-9a6d88ce31f4
image 140.jpg__PID:7471efd3-c384-406b-aa9a-6d88ce31f436
image 142.jpg__PID:00307471-efd3-4384-906b-aa9a6d88ce31
image 143.jpg__PID:d8003074-71ef-43c3-8490-6baa9a6d88ce


Mar 2021 – Out of Order is chosen by UFC as the Brand Partner for the event on Sunday, March 7, 2021, hosted at the APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In collaboration with its American partner and distributor based in Los Angeles, Out of Order creates a special limited edition of 259 pieces (matching the event edition).

This special edition features a seemingly "standard" dial, but at night, it reveals the iconic octagon where the spectacular matches of this sport discipline take place. It also includes special customizations on the crown insert and screw-in case back.

View OOO x UFC (Sold Out)

Middle East

Aug 2021 – "Bayda Edition," an exclusive limited edition for the Middle East, with 10 pieces sold out in 4 minutes. The first Out of Order watch featuring an Arabic numeral dial, sandblasted using real Sahara sand, and accompanied by a genuine alligator strap.

View Bayda Edition (Sold Out)
image 144.jpg__PID:dd86bcab-4ca3-4d16-9e6f-0058687e8f9d
image 145.jpg__PID:86bcab4c-a3ad-461e-af00-58687e8f9d0f
image 146.jpg__PID:bcab4ca3-ad16-4e6f-8058-687e8f9d0fcd
image 148.jpg__PID:73b4e2b3-e61b-43c3-9d23-1c0b1ac00409
image 147.jpg__PID:b4e2b3e6-1ba3-435d-a31c-0b1ac00409e4

Exploration in NYC

Dec 2021 – New York City, consolidation of existing relationships, and the study of new Limited Editions and models.

Curiosity – Riccardo and Claudio, in order to return home, had to wait in line for 4 hours, in the rain, to undergo a Covid test valid for their return to Italy. During this unexpected event, they conceived a new model that will soon be available.

See you on July 4th.

Scheletrato SWISS Auto GMT

Feb 2022 – Out Of Order launches its first "Skeletonized" model, featuring a Swiss Automatic movement and GMT function. The idea stems from a question: In Out of Order, we see watches and movements every day, in all their facets. Which facet is less seen and known by those who use timepieces for pleasure or necessity? The simplest and most immediate answer is "the top of the movement." So why not create a watch that displays this "hidden" part to most, in all its charm? Done deal. Out of Order reinvents the watch with a visible movement, both on the bottom thanks to the glass case back and on the top with the engineering of a new "naked" dial that reveals the mechanism in all its complexity and precision. Moreover, for the first time in the world, an aged and artisanally worn date disc is introduced, effectively anticipating the trend that would be seen in the following months.

View Scheletrato
image 149.jpg__PID:460d333b-723a-4c5b-9d4b-cb142bcdf89e
image 150.jpg__PID:37460d33-3b72-4aec-9b5d-4bcb142bcdf8
image 151.jpg__PID:e637460d-333b-423a-ac5b-5d4bcb142bcd
image 152.jpg__PID:afe63746-0d33-4b72-baec-5b5d4bcb142b
image 155.jpg__PID:443704e7-8662-476e-8fb0-bb9953bc0205
image 156.jpg__PID:3704e786-6287-4e8f-b0bb-9953bc020569

Anguria & Capitano

Jun 2022 – Supported by an innovative and meticulously crafted promotional campaign created in partnership with selected professionals from the region and recorded in a secret part of the Venetian lagoon, Watermelon and Captain are launched. These are two "summer" color variants of the Casanova collection. These new models assertively enter the "Best Seller" section of Out of Order and, consequently, into the collections of more than 1500 enthusiasts scattered worldwide, a number constantly being updated.

View Casanova collection

OOO x 10Ten Labs

Set 2022 – Following the success of the previous year achieved with the Limited Edition "Bayda," in partnership with the Middle Eastern 10TenLabs, 3 new Limited Editions are launched, this time based on the Automatico Quaranta. Created in 3 theme and color variants, with 25 pieces each, the Dilmun, Arjwan, and Tuwaiq quickly sell out.

View OOO x 10Ten Labs (Sold Out)
image 157.jpg__PID:63e19a80-d0b0-4ba1-a8f5-ebedfad723ff
image 158.jpg__PID:e19a80d0-b0eb-41e8-b5eb-edfad723ff05
image 159.jpg__PID:9a80d0b0-eba1-48f5-abed-fad723ff0545

Ideas in the Rain

Set 2022 – Remember back in December 2021 when Riccardo and Claudio were in New York, standing in line in the freezing rain for a rapid test to go back home, and they had an idea? Well, that idea was not just developed, but doubled. In partnership with Worn&Wound, they launched two new Limited Editions, both with a run of 100 pieces each. They share the spirit of New York encapsulated within them and innovation in the creation of the applied indices on the dial. Reminiscent of the most iconic vintage skyscrapers in the Big Apple, they feature a genuine artisanal "Stabilized Rust" treatment, giving each timepiece in these two variants (sold out) additional personality and uniqueness.

View Limited GMT collection (Sold Out)
image 160.jpg__PID:65257275-3d5f-42a9-b348-4ec2764eaf05
image 162.jpg__PID:72753d5f-22a9-4348-8ec2-764eaf05d483
image 163.jpg__PID:2572753d-5f22-4973-884e-c2764eaf05d4
image 161.jpg__PID:753d5f22-a973-484e-8276-4eaf05d4831c
image 164.jpg__PID:068e9b30-7ed3-409b-8d57-48027acdc7de
image 166.jpg__PID:717c068e-9b30-4ed3-909b-8d5748027acd
image 165.jpg__PID:7c068e9b-307e-4310-9b8d-5748027acdc7

GMT Gingerbread Cookie

Dec 2022 – In collaboration with the renowned Pastry Chef @annagumi, Out of Order launches the 2022 Christmas Limited Edition based on the Swiss GMT. It features a biscuit-colored dial that, when exposed to UV rays, reveals the iconic Gingerbread Men, from which this model takes its name. Additionally, each watch is characterized by a QR code engraved on the case back, linking to the original recipe.

View GMT Gingerbread Cookie

Shaker Automatic GMT

Jan 2023 – After months of study and prototyping, Out of Order launches the Shaker Automatic GMT collection.

Ten years ago, in 2013, the adventure of Out of Order® began, a proudly "Made in Veneto" watch brand. A decade of intensive research and experimentation with the goal of offering robust, reliable watches with a strong personality. Ten years of traveling around the world because traveling opens the mind, allows you to discover different things and people, inviting dialogue. Thus, to celebrate the tenth anniversary, the new Cocktail collection is born, OOOwatches to have fun from aperitif to after-dinner. Each person has their "blend," proportioned and balanced, with characteristics that give it uniqueness. We are all equal, yet all different, so why not call this new collection Cocktail? Said and done. For the occasion, the creatives of Out of Order®, inspired by 6 well-known cocktails, rediscovered themselves as mixologists, giving life to 6 new unique watches. The packaging? It could be nothing else but a personalized stainless steel shaker with the logo laser-engraved, and thanks to a specially made electroplating treatment, it offers delightful chromatic effects to summarize all the chosen color shades for this new collection. From now on, in addition to the Boston, Cobbler, and Parisienne shakers, the Out of Order shaker is also added.

This innovative creation is then patented worldwide with no. 015008842.

View Shaker Automatic GMT collection
image 167.jpg__PID:ef782c5f-018b-4960-bbd3-3bbfc2843bae
image 168.jpg__PID:622faa6c-9b92-444b-b0c2-8ca20d2b174e

Scotch on The Rocks

Apr 2023 – Given the success of the last launch, Out of Order collaborates with Barbara Palumbo of @WhatsOnHerWrist and @ScottishWatches to create a new Limited Edition of 50 pieces, the Scotch on The Rocks. It quickly sells out and is now adorning the wrists of the respective 50 fortunate individuals scattered around the world.

View Scotch on The Rocks (Sold Out)
image 169.jpg__PID:38017116-8919-4f71-ab75-57a0dcf545fd
image 170.jpg__PID:35380171-1689-491f-b1ab-7557a0dcf545
image 173.jpg__PID:7f6cd81a-9fd9-468f-a8a7-fce6d7585654
image 172.jpg__PID:3f7f6cd8-1a9f-4986-8f68-a7fce6d75856
image 171.jpg__PID:ee3f7f6c-d81a-4fd9-868f-68a7fce6d758
image 175.jpg__PID:2aee3f7f-6cd8-4a9f-9986-8f68a7fce6d7

Sporty Cronografo

Apr 2023 – Out of Order Watches, in addition to taking us around the world, aims to make us pause and reflect on time with the new Sporty Chronograph. The Chronos, in Greek mythology, embodies the concept of Time that "devours all things it generates." Time eludes us without us realizing it, and its "costless" nature often leads to underestimating its importance, focusing only on accumulating experiences with greed at the expense of quality. The Sporty Chronograph, presented in three color variants, aspires to be more than just a sports watch. For those who wear it, it serves as a reminder of the importance of time and the opportunity, thanks to its chronograph function, to measure a precise interval of time, almost as if wanting to "stop it, save it, and relive it." Who wouldn't want to be able to do that? Hence, the Sporty Chronograph collection is launched.

View Sporty Cronografo collection

Trecento SWISS Automatic GMT

Mag 2023 – With pride, we present our latest "baby" and flagship model, TRECENTO, a diver with a 40-millimeter diameter case, and waterproof, as implied by the chosen name for this new watch, up to 300 meters. TRECENTO, made of 316L stainless steel and aged according to the exclusive patent of Out of Order®, which effectively makes each piece unique, aims to pay tribute to underwater adventure. Not coincidentally, several of its features evoke the fascinating and mysterious underwater world. Among them, the standout feature is the applied rust-stabilized indices, which, thanks to a procedure patented by Out of Order®, seek to evoke the transformation of steel once deposited and left to rust on the seabed.

View Trecento SWISS Auto GMT collection