SHAKER - Automatic GMT

It was 2013 when the adventure of Out of Order® began; a watch brand proudly “Made in Veneto”. That year kicked off an intense decade of research and experiments with the aim of creating robust, reliable watches with a strong personality. Part of that ten years was spent crisscrossing the globe to open our minds and to give us greater perspective as we experience a huge breadth of cultures, people and places. To celebrate this amazing endeavor, we’ve created the new Shaker collection.
It’s a delightful aperitif to follow a sumptuo-us dinner.

Each person has their own unique ”mixture”, a precise proportion and balance of characteristics that deliver their singular personality. We are all the same yet all different, so why not call this new collection Shaker? Said and done!
For the occasion, we have rediscovered their inner mixologists and drawn their inspiration from six well-known cocktails, giving life to five new, one-of-a-kind watches.

These five timepieces are gorgeous in the light and just as amazing in the dark. Under the domed sapphire coated crystal insert of the 60-click bidirectional rotating bezel you’ll find internal numbering printed in Superluminova®, amplifying its brightness making the time readable even in total darkness. Our six cocktail-inspired designs offer a solid structure and perfectly balanced colors; so now it’s up to you to choose your flavor

And where does every good cocktail begin? With a shaker, of course!
Now joining the ranks of the Boston, Cobbler and Parisienne shakers, the Out of Order signature cocktail shaker is ready for prime time.